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About Us


If We Cannot Make It Without The Stuff That Can Harm You, We Will Not Make It.

Our mission was born out of our believe that beauty, health and safety can and should be one and the same. Because you have sensitive skin or more prone to allergic reactions, you do not have to sacrifice your need to be safe from harmful chemicals and your desire to maintain and nourish your beautiful self.

FRAGFRE® sole commitment is to making products that avoids commonly known irritants, allergens and harmful substances while incorporating highly beneficial and mostly natural beauty ingredients whenever possible in our formulations. We say whenever because, we are extremely cautious in selecting the natural and/or organic ingredients that are included in our formulations because most of the known aggressive allergens and irritants are natural. For example pollen, mold, dust mites, nuts, shell fish, to name a few, are all natural and organic but are major allergens as well. Therefore, we avoid in our products things we know that could irritate or harm you whether its natural, organic or inorganic. We just want our customers to remain beautiful and Stay Safe & Free™.


Our goal is to make it easily available and affordable for anyone looking to use sensitive and safe cosmetics without sacrificing the beauty aspect of his or her daily beauty regimen. It is our hope that in so doing we will render obsolete the arduous and intimidating task of cosmetics ingredients label reading. We want you to be assured that when you pick up a FRAGFRE® product, it is free of fragrance, it is free of known irritants and allergens, it is free of unsafe chemicals, it contains ingredients beneficial to your health and beauty.

Bye-bye Label Reading!


Our founder has a daughter that has high sensitivity to fragrance and most other cosmetics ingredients. When her pediatrician recommended sensitive products, we had such a tedious time finding a complete line of sensitive products without the harmful chemicals. Most of the stuff we found may say fragrance free but contain some other harmful chemicals. Her mother turned to natural and organic and because she, and I'm sure she's not alone, had the perception that if it's natural and/or organic, it must be good for her daughter. So she bought up the products and used them freely on that child believing there's nothing to fear, after all the products are natural and organic.

Immediately following the use of these products, I started noticing my daughter not quite being her self. She developed droopy swollen eyes, lacks energy and just looks sick. We made an appointment with her pediatrician but before the appointment came, she broke out in a major scalp and skin allergic reactions with all sorts of break outs all over her scalp and body that I don't have good enough words to describe. Luckily, her Mom, a nurse had some Benadryl and some other things around the house she used to keep things under control but her frustration on what to use on her daughter went through the roof and my daughter started feeling really bad for making her Mom so frustrated. That's when I stepped in to try to find a solution to my daughter's cosmetics sensitivity issues and my wife's rising frustration with everything.

So, this is the story that gave birth to FRAGFRE® and that is why our commitment is in making products that are fragrance free, Irritants and allergens free, harmful chemicals free, that is beauty conscious and affordable, because it's made, with love, for my then eight year old baby girl.

We hope the products will work for you and your family in your daily beauty routines as they have worked for ours.


Truly Yours

Sam Uzoh

Founder & CEO