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FRAGFRE Light Hold Hair Gel Fragrance Free 8 oz (2-Pack Gift Set) - Lightweight Styling Gel for Fine Fragile and Weakened Hairs – Hypoallergenic Vegan

FRAGFRE Shampoo Conditioner Set for Sensitive Skin 2/Pack 12 oz ea - Fragrance Free Hypoallergenic Sulfate Free - Vegan Color Safe - Natural Cucumber

New Product Suggestion: fragrance free bar bath soap
Great product

This is the perfect size for travel. The product holds my hair well.

New Product Suggestion: Shave cream?
Thumbs up

Holds really well. Don’t have to use but about a thumb nail

New Product Suggestion: fragrance free bar bath soap
Great product

This fragrance free hairspray holds my hair well.

New Product Suggestion: Your shampoos and conditioners in pump bottles!!!!
Best allergy free shampoo I’ve tried so far

I recently went through patch testing and am allergic to propolis. I have tried several propolis free and fragrance free shampoos and so far this is the best. Still not like my old shampoos but for what I must use these days, this is the closest to my old shampoos.

New Product Suggestion: New items!
Will Buy More!

The gel dries quickly and is easy to apply in my hair. I typically use this firm gel to slick my bun or form a ponytail. I also love that this products has no perfumes, no extra harmful ingredients, great holing power, etc. Highly recommend!

FRAGFRE Detangler-plus 8 oz - Styling Heat Protectant and Blowout Spray - Leave in Conditioner for Sensitive Skin - Hypoallergenic Vegan Cruelty Free

New Product Suggestion: Fragfree leave in treatment
Love FragFree

This shampoo is great for a sensitive scalp.
It is fragrance free. So great not to have a head full of perfume.

New Product Suggestion: Volumizing Mousse

This detangler is just perfect! It helps regulate the condition of my hair, if the conditioner didn’t do its job. It is lightweight and I can count on it not to weigh down my fine hair.

New Product Suggestion: Maybe a purple/blue shampoo for white hair? I make my own and probably would continue to do so, but there may be others who are looking for an allergy friendly version of this product.
Love it

I love Fragfre hair conditioner. It makes my hair feel soft and moisturized, never feels greasy and doesn't build up. Even if I didn't have allergies, I'd be using this conditioner!

New Product Suggestion: Can’t think of any right now

My wife is loving this product. It leaves my beard clean, and soft to touch and feel. It has no fragrance and so does not bother her allergies. My wife already ordered the full size bottle. This is good stuff.

New Product Suggestion: Tinted sunscreen for the face with an SPF above 30.
Good hold with no skin irritation.

Holds style well, does not leave hair stiff. Does not irritate my scalp.

New Product Suggestion: fragrance free bar bath soap
Great product

I really like this hair detangler. I have long hair and am allergic to fragrances. This product is the best I have found. I will continue to purchase this item.

FRAGFRE Firm Hold Hair Gel Fragrance Free 8 oz - Strong Styling Gel for Extreme Hair Styles - Paraben Free Hypoallergenic Sensitive Vegan Gluten Free

New Product Suggestion: A hair spray that you can use on your dry hair and then scrunch to help make more curls.

Not too firm or crunchy not too light with no hold. No scent! Also respect that it is cruelty free.

New Product Suggestion: Would love an aerosol spray too -fragrance free of course

I like the spray

New Product Suggestion: Bring back organic body lotion!!

Love love love this product and how it leaves my hair feeling shiny and adds a little extra hold without feeling crunchy in anyway! This has become a staple for me.

New Product Suggestion: Fragfre Firm Hold hairspray
Excellent Hold

Great Hold and shine and doesn’t cause any irritation or inflammation.

New Product Suggestion: Am thinking about that
I like the soft hold hair spray.

I am very sensitive to fragrances. And have always looked for sprays with less fragrances. I am happy to find this one. In the future I might look at other products.

New Product Suggestion: Volumizer and a thickening spray
Good stuff

I really like the fresh cucumber smell! This product was on my list for clean shampoos. Will keep buying it.

New Product Suggestion: FragFre hair styling gel and cleansing conditioner in zero waste container.
I love the hair gel

Love it and will reorder it. The only thing that would make it better is if it were in a zero waste container.

New Product Suggestion: An aresol hairspray, and this shampoo without the natural cucumber.
Fragfre for contact dermatitis

I have severe contact dermatitis and have tried many shampoos and conditioners trying to find one that my hair would be happy with as well as my scalp…Fragfre is working fantastic! I haven’t had any blistering on my scalp and my hair is soft and manageable! I am also using their Medium hold gel and firm hold hairspray with no reactions and hair that stays styled. Thank you for your wonderful products!