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New Product Suggestion: Something for aging skin
Aloe Vera gel

It works great and there is no sticky stuff.I put in on semi dry hair and it works even with a flat iron.

My search is over

I finally found a hair spray that holds, and when I brush through my hair before going to bed at night, it isn't sticky and "yucky", but back to a natural feel.

New Product Suggestion: Dry shampoo
Excellent Detangler

My daughter and I have a lot of naturally-wavy hair. I appreciate how this product easily and efficiently removes tangles. It also smells pleasant, which is a huge plus since most “fragrance- free” products smell foul. Highly recommend.

Best fragrance free products

Love this shampoo and conditioner. I tried many brands after developing allergies and this is the only one that makes my hair shiny and healthy.

New Product Suggestion: Dry shampoo without benzene
Excellent Product

It’s been challenging for my family and I to find shampoo that works with our sensitivities and allergies. A lot of the “fragrance-free” shampoos are either too harsh, completely ineffective at cleaning, or stinky. Fragfre products are the best I’ve used. They are gentle yet effective and smell fresh. Love all the products I’ve tried. Highly recommend!

New Product Suggestion: Something for aging skin

I love it
Product was non greasy and it just sinks in your skin

New Product Suggestion: I don't know???
home run

Since I've got so many hydrocarbon chemical allergies. It's very difficult to find personal products to use. The gel and spray are great. I've been letting my hair grow out again and your products keep me looking good.

New Product Suggestion: N/A
Hard to find!

I have a friend with severe allergies to fragrances. She is elderly and has wanted a simple two in one shampoo and conditioner, but we have searched in vain. I’m so thankful to have finally found one, and she loves it.

New Product Suggestion: Hairstyling mousse

FRAGFRE Hydrating Body Wash - 1 oz Sample - Perfect Travel Size TSA Compliant

New Product Suggestion: don't know
Works very well

I have fine white hair. I really like the body I get from the styling gel, medium hold. The hair is soft and has movement. I am still trying to figure out how much I should use, bt that will happen. Thank you, Cjj

No hair loss!!

THIS product is the only shampoo in the world that I can use. All other shampoos--including ones that claim to be free of sulfates and all the things--result in large amounts of hair in the drain after just one use. Only very minimal shedding with this one. Thanks for providing a solution for those like me who are sensitive and allergic to commonly used ingredients. Don't ever change your formula!!!!

FRAGFRE Hair Finishing Spray Firm Hold 8 oz (2-Pack Gift Set) - Hair Spray for Sensitive Skin - Fragrance Free Hypoallergenic Parabens Free – Vegan

FRAGFRE Hair Finishing Spray Firm Hold 8 oz (2-Pack Gift Set) - Hair Spray for Sensitive Skin - Fragrance Free Hypoallergenic Parabens Free – Vegan

New Product Suggestion: None
FRAGFRE Hair Finishing Spray Firm Hold - travel size

This hairspray has no fragrance. Wanted to try it because my other brand made my daughter’s boyfriend (and a gentleman I was sitting next to on the train) have a sneezing fit. This spray does a good job of holding my hair in place. Was really pleased with the results of the travel bottle so I I ordered the bigger size.

New Product Suggestion: I’m a first time purchaser due to allergies. Will try products one at a time.

I really like this product.

New Product Suggestion: Leave In Conditioner
Wonderfully Gentle Clean

Cleans super gently! Finally found a shampoo that works without hurting my scalp. I have no buildup.

FRAGFRE Hair Finishing Spray Soft Hold 8 oz - Vegan Hair Spray for Sensitive Skin - Hypoallergenic Fragrance Free - Non-irritating Denatured Alcohol

New Product Suggestion: Leave in Conditioner; intimate area wash
Right choice to use this conditioner

I can feel this conditioner working and it doesn’t weigh my hair down. Definitely want to keep using this product.

New Product Suggestion: hand moisturizer dry skin
Fragfre hair gel Men firm hold

excellent product; holds the hair very nicely, and there is NO fragrance. Perfect for the chemically sensitive.

New Product Suggestion: No additions at this time.
Shampoo and conditioner is an excellent product.

All FRAGFRE products that I’ve ordered are excellent products. I especially like the hair gel, but plan to make FRAGFRE my go-to toiletries. Highly recommend.

New Product Suggestion: Hair mask
Great conditioner!

This conditioner is the best I have used since finding out that I am allergic to fragrance. Much better than two others that I tried. I have very thick hair that tends to be dry and this conditioner really made a difference. It left my hair manageable and looking great. Thank you Fragfre!

New Product Suggestion: Body cream that is skin safe
Moisturizers Well

I use this with the moisturizing shampoo. I have severe allergies. Both of these work without stirring up any problems for my scalp. This moisturizer
softens hair and leaves it with a sheen and great volume. It is not heavy and does not make my hair greasy. Great product.

New Product Suggestion: Deodorant 🙂

FRAGFRE Hair Styling Gel Medium Hold 8 oz - Hair Gel for Sensitive Skin - Fragrance Free Paraben Free Hypoallergenic - Gluten Free Vegan Cruelty Free