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Based on 341 reviews
Great Hairspray

I love it. No build up , fragrance free and everything I want in a hairspray. It doesn't damage my hair. And it's a fair price considering other hairsprays .

New Product Suggestion: Hair gel, if you don't already have it.
Shampoo and conditioner

Thanks for my order. I really like the light cucumber scent, as most of my products have to be limited to natural ingredients. I also like the way my hair feels after it is clean, some shampoos do not make my hair as soft as your products.

New Product Suggestion: Mousse
Best shampoo ever!

This Shampoo is scent free and works great. Cleans without drying out my hair. Does not irritate my scalps. It’s like using nothing. So tender. I love it.

FRAGFRE Hair Finishing Spray Firm Hold 8 oz (2-Pack Gift Set) - Hair Spray for Sensitive Skin - Fragrance Free Hypoallergenic Parabens Free – Vegan

Unadulterated Aloe

Fragfre Aloe Gel is such a pure aloe product that even those with highly allergic and super sensitive skin, can use it freely.

New Product Suggestion: Current selection meets my needs
Great product

Since discovering my allergies I have tried a number of hypoallergenic haircare products. Frag Free has been the best product @ the best price. I have also give it as gifts to friends & family who have been seeking a better haircare product.

New Product Suggestion: Leave in conditioner (not a spray). Not really sure what else.
New allergies

New allergies. I have color treated hair and was worried how my hair would respond to this shampoo and conditioner. I was pleasantly surprised. My hair feels soft, hydrated, and no skin break outs!

My search for a hypoallergenic conditioner is over!

I am allergic to gluten, coconut, and many other chemical and natural ingredients, and I am delighted to find a conditioner that doesn't irritate my skin or my sinuses. And FRAGFRE Hair conditioner has worked wonders on my colored, 70+ years hair! Highly recommend.

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Fragfre hair finishing spray soft hold

Just right for my hair . Does not feel stiff but holds style in place. I recommend vo

New Product Suggestion: Not sure
FRAGFRE finishing spray firm hold for sensitive skin

I developed sensitivity on my scalp with itching and stinging, after using regular hairspray for many years. I searched for hair spray for sensitive skin which does not include known irritants on line and found FRAGFRE hair finishing spray firm hold for sensitive skin. This hair spray does not irritate my scalp and holds firm just like other hairsprays I have used that are not made for sensitive skin. I highly recommend this hairspray for daily use for people like me who started to think I would not be able to use hairspray to tame frizzy hair, especially on hot, humid days!

New Product Suggestion: Fragrance free hair spray
Wonderful fragrance free styling gel

I have been fragrance sensitive for the past 15 years. I have tried brand after brand of fragrance free styling products, most of which made my hair sticky, dull and flat after blow drying. Then I came upon Fragfre. It is simply amazing. It gives my hair great bounce and body without weighing it down. Even my hairdresser compliments it every time I bring it with me to a hair appointment. I heartily recommend Fragfre styling gel and I am so happy to have found it. It’s really wonderful!!!

New Product Suggestion: Please send catalog. Did not know you had one

Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much

New Product Suggestion: ?
Great product

Great product. Nice soft hold- looks natural.

New Product Suggestion: I can't think of anything at the moment
Very good

I like this leave-in conditioner better than the "plus" version, having tried both. It doesn't take much to untangle hair and leave it easier to style. It truly has no odor to it. I also feel that it offers heat protection which is important because I wash, blow-dry, and flat-iron my hair every single day. I do not like products with fragrances at all. So this is a keeper.

New Product Suggestion: More products for styling. Flat iron smoothing products.
Did not break out in hives!

Really have had trouble with allergic reactions. None with these.. amazing.

New Product Suggestion: Not sure
Seems to be just what I needed

I have had scalp,problems and thought it was from the dye I was using but having stopped that for now 2 months the thought is that it was from the hairspray. This seems to be working!

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No itching or rash

I had no reaction to these products. And my hair was soft. Very in our aging!

New Product Suggestion: I can’t think of anything right now.
Love Fragrance Free

Love the body washes and hair products. My husband is very, very sensitive to smells and he has no complaints about the products.

New Product Suggestion: Hair sprays
Hair gel

Great product, hold hair in place! Nice to know it’s safer for your skin! Love it

New Product Suggestion: Fragrance Free moose?
Great shampoo!

No fragrance and lots of suds. Leaves hair soft and pretty.

New Product Suggestion: Shaving Cream! Using Vanicream brand, only one I can find and not happy with it.
Great Shampoo & Conditioner

I have very bad allergies to many things and just found this Shampoo & Conditioner. I am so glad! I was using Vanicream brand but it dried me out terribly. I have Ezcema and allergies to dyes, parabens, fragrances (so annoying how products out there say fragrance free and yup fragrance still added! Seriously!), allergic to coconut and a lot out there has that and shea & cocoa butter allergic. Similar to nuts for me. So glad found this brand!! Thanks for making it! I was scared because of the cucumber but happy to know is naturally added and so far I’m okay with that thankfully. This is very moisturizing! I may try the regular sometime but enjoying the purchase!

New Product Suggestion: Lip balm
Excellent Product

I have numerous allergies and sensitivities and have tried many products on the list given to me by my dermatologist. So many of the “fragrance-free” shampoos caused my hands to crack and dry. Fragfre products never dry out or irritate my skin. They also wash well because I swim frequently and never smell of chlorine after. Highly recommend!