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Based on 115 reviews
New Product Suggestion: Anything to help with psoriasis.
Helps heal my psoriasis

Excellent product. Helps my skin shed its excess layer which describes psoriasis. Not a cure but very helpful.

New Product Suggestion: molding paste (heavy weight, soft and medium
Love your products

I can't believe I finally found products that actually work really well for my hair and don't have a strong odor of perfume. I certainly will be a returning customer.

New Product Suggestion: Nothing for me, thank you.
The best hairspray I have used!

While I do, sometimes, still get irritations, it is the best and most natural-holding hairspray I have used. The hold is firm, but it does not have a stiff look, and it continues to hold even when it softens as the day wears on. It costs more than some hairsprays, but goes further.

New Product Suggestion: None
Good Product

Scent free, which I must have. Holds without stiffness.

New Product Suggestion: A cream leave in conditioner
Cream Leave in conditioner

Love your products

New Product Suggestion: Hygiene products
Product works like a charm.

I am allergic to perfume, fragrances, and other chemical smells. My allergic reactions can range from mild irritation and sneezing to full blown Hemorrhaging in nasal-throat, Numbness and swelling, and unconsciousness from lack of oxygen intake. Knowing this, finding products that don’t affect my allergies has always been so much work, scary in most cases. I am glad to say this product does not affect me and will happily be a regular customer.

FRAGFRE Hair Conditioner 12 oz - Hypoallergenic Deep Conditioner for Sensitive Skin - Gluten Free Vegan Cruelty Free - Normal Treated or Fragile Hairs

FRAGFRE Hair Finishing Spray Soft Hold 8 oz - Vegan Hair Spray for Sensitive Skin - Hypoallergenic Fragrance Free - Non-irritating Denatured Alcohol

FRAGFRE Hair Styling Gel Medium Hold 8 oz - Hair Gel for Sensitive Skin - Fragrance Free Paraben Free Hypoallergenic - Gluten Free Vegan Cruelty Free

2 in 1 Shampoo-Conditioner

Great Stuff! Loved how it foamed up and left my hair clean, smooth and silky.

New Product Suggestion: Nothing for now
Great products

The gel has hold without being sticky. Same with hairspray.

FRAGFRE Hair Styling Gel Medium Hold 8 oz - Hair Gel for Sensitive Skin - Fragrance Free Paraben Free Hypoallergenic - Gluten Free Vegan Cruelty Free

I love all my FragFre hair products. My hair is soft and shiny, and I don't have problems with fragrance allergies, inhaled or itchy skin.

My Go To Hair Product

The shampoo and conditioner are the perfect combination. Leaves my hair clean, soft and manageable. Never dries out my scalp! Definitely go to!

Great products and excellent customer service

I love these products! Sam was easy to communicate with regarding delivery and products. Highly recommend the products for great hair and hold! As well as being a company who cares about their customers!

New Product Suggestion: None
Aloe Vera gel

I've been getting this for 3 years now and use it as a moisturizer on my face everyday. I have acne prone skin and this helps it. Also use on boo boos!!

Great gel!

I was looking for something to replace the curly cream I was using because it gave me contact dermatitis. My allergist recommended this as an alternative. I was wary of trying a gel to style my hair as I hate when my hair is crunch. However, this medium-hold gel allowed me to sculpt my curls without the crunch! I very much recommend this gel for any curly haired girls or boys out there with allergy issues.

New Product Suggestion: Spray in/leave in conditioner.
Ideal product

Fragrance free is very important to me. I have an allergic reaction to many of the artificial fragrances used in standard products. Also the performance of this product is exactly what I was hoping to find.

New Product Suggestion: None
Always great products

I’m very happy with all of your current products

Best ever fragrance free products.

I have a super sensitivity to any fragrances........even the flowers in my gardens. I searched on line for fragrance free products that were truly "fragrance free". I LOVE this entire line from head to toe. I have thrown out all my old products and have totally switched to FRAGFRE. My hairdresser is now telling his other clients that have "fragrance" troubles about this line and I hope that they listen as it is the best. I especially like the way the hair products work without leaving your hair stiff. I hope that this is helpful.

New Product Suggestion: Facial moisturizer for very sensitive skin
Best Hair Gel!

I must have read the labels of 10 different brands of hair gel…and couldn’t find even one without fragrances, etc. Then I found your website! This gel is strong but light. I’m using it & so is my 70+ yr old mother…she likes the part about fine/damaged hair. Best of all, your product is less expensive by far than salon brands! Yay!

New Product Suggestion: Frag free curl cream!
Great product!

I’ve been having a heck of a time finding a product that’s fragrance free that will work for my curls. This has been doing a pretty decent job of keeping them intact although I would prefer a light curl cream.

New Product Suggestion: Hair mousse
So far so good

I have used this shampoo a few times and so far I like it

FRAGFRE Hair Styling Set for Sensitive Skin 8 oz ea - Detangler-Styling Gel-Finishing Spray - Hypoallergenic Fragrance Free - Vegan Gluten Free

New Product Suggestion: Face cleanser
Amazing Company!

I received my package super fast with free shipping and it included two free gifts!!! What’s not to Love? I haven’t used the detangler yer. I will add another review when I do.