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Based on 450 reviews
New Product Suggestion: Shampoo
Hair gel

Great product ! Holds hair in place by just using a small amount! No greasy feeling! Best product I’ve used!

New Product Suggestion: Clean hair products
Best fragrance free hair spray

Nice hold, not sticky, fragrance free. Favorite new hair spray. Love the travel size.


I love the natural cucumber smell in the shampoo and body wash, would really like it in the lotion.

FRAGFRE Detangler-plus Styling Hair Spray 8 oz - Heat Protectant and Blowout Spray - Leave in Conditioner for Sensitive Skin - Hypoallergenic Vegan Cruelty Free

New Product Suggestion: I would like if you made a small silicone bottle.
Good product.

This is a good product. It’s a nice gel. I like that it is fragrant free.

New Product Suggestion: Softening shampoo and conditioner for sensitive scalp
Really great Gel non irritating

I really liked this gel very much as it really gave my curls a wonderful boost. I am going to try the light gel as the strong and medium strong were a little too much for me. I already have very thick hair so I want to use the light gel to keep the volume down somewhat. I highly recommend the gel as it is gentle and non irritating for my scalp

New Product Suggestion: Fragrance free shampoo that works and does not my hair too soft
Light weight

It holds well, and does not weigh hair down even in high humidity.

New Product Suggestion: NA
Preferred brand for now.

I prefer soft hold hairspray and this is only one I can find that is also fragrance free.

New Product Suggestion: A hand lotion, fragrance free, with no oil.
Detangles Too!

Great product. I was looking for something to tame the tangles and even though it doesn't claim to it really works well. Thank you for such a a great product that is also fragrance free.

New Product Suggestion: None in mind at present.
Hoping for smooth curls

I have naturally curly hair, and was hoping for smooth curls, without any frizziness. My hopes have been fulfilled, and I’m very pleased with my FragFre hair conditioner. AND it didn’t cause my skin to itch anywhere! Thank you, FragFre!

New Product Suggestion: None
FragFre hair finishing spray

I ordered 2 and only received one which had a note saying 2 of 2. Never got the other.

New Product Suggestion: Something for glowing skin
2-1 shampoo +conditiner

I got used to the product and I truly love it. It's different in a good way. I still get that volume and my hair is gorgeous.

New Product Suggestion: Not sure
Works great!

I bought the sample size to see if it would actually work on my hair. Most gels break me out or make my edges fall out. This one is lightweight, but hold firm, does not have a smell and pretty good at not leaving a buildup. So I was so pleased with the sample size I went on and got the actual product. Which I love because I can even use it everyday.

New Product Suggestion: Bar soap
Loving it

So far, it has not caused me any hives. My hair fells super soft.

New Product Suggestion: Thinking of bronzers for the face and body
Finishing spray

I got the soft spray but guess what I love it. No sticky stuff..love..love..I work it with the firm gel too. Results, FABULOUS.

New Product Suggestion: Fragrance Free Styling Cream, Fragrance Free Deep Treatment Mask, Fragrance Free Shine Spray/Hair Glosser
Will Forever Keep Buying This Stuff

I purchased this product out of MAJOR NEED! I have sensitive, eczema and acne prone skin. I also suffer from allergies. I prefer to go the fragrance free route when it comes to what I currently choose to use to style my hair with. Now, I must say, even fragrance free products that I’ve tried from other lines have caused issues for me. But, this product never has, in any way, shape or form. It is also truly fragrance free. As, there are products that say don’t have added fragrance to them, but smell awful. Also, I like that Thy is styling gel is good for use during all temps, and through all humidity levels as well. It keeps my hair literally frizz free. It provides a very firm hold, but doesn’t leave my hair stiff as a rock, it had a semi/thick gel texture to it that easily gets absorbed into the hair after application. Oh, and it never flakes, cakes up, or gives me tons of buildup either. I honestly experience no noticeable buildup from it at all. I am a mixed raced WOC (Black, White, and Hispanic racial descent) and my hair is practically straight from my roots on down towards the middle of my hair strand and from around the middle on down to the very end of my hair strand, my hair is wavy. My hair is also fine textured as well. I haven’t experienced any breakage with this product, as I have gotten with so many styling gels that I’ve used in the past. I like that this gel leaves my hair nice and shiny, but definitely not wet looking, in any way. I stay stocked up ok this stuff, because for me, it truly is a Godsend. Definitely hope that it will be offered in a 16 oz or liter size in the future to come, or even put it on auto-delivery, which would totally excellent for us repeat buyers who absolutely adore this product to the fullest.

New Product Suggestion: Fragrance Free Styling Cream and Fragrance Free Deep Conditioning Mask
Best Styling Gel - Use It Everyday

I have sensitive, eczema and acne prone skin. I have tried so many hair care products and this gel here is a total Godsend! I use it everyday, and it truly doesn’t flake, cake up, or build up in my hair. It doesn’t aggravate my eczema, doesn’t start to make my eyes red and puffy, it totally scentless, and allows for my hair to hold up with no issues even in super hot and extremely humid weather as well. I can even get caught in the rain, and my hair style still holds perfectly with this in it. It doesn’t break my skin out. I do really like the shine that it gives my hair as well. I am a WOC of Black, White, and Hispanic decent, my hair is straighter towards my roots going towards the middle then from around the middle on down towards the ends of my hair it is wavy. I also have fine textured hair as well. I like that the ingredients in this gel are short and sweet. The gel has a semi-thick texture to it. It rather quickly absorbs into my hair. I actually stay stocked on this gel in the 8 oz size (and keep the 1 oz sizes I gave at home if it for travel), because it is what my hair and scalp tolerates, which is why, I sincerely hope and pray this styling gel never ever gets continued. . I totally have stopped using styling product that have any of the following within them: essential oils, fragrance oils, or synthetic parfum, I don’t need my styling products to smell like fruits, flowers, or anything else, since I don’t care to go around having my hair smell strongly of any of that. My sinuses just can’t handle that, also, I have dealt with such causing me to have migraines, and plenty of times stomach upset as a result of such strongly scented products. I trust this line. I also trust the safety of this product and I honestly love it so much till I wish that it was available in 16 oz or liter sizes for sure.

Excellent gel

Good product, not heavy and holds well. I can’t tolerate strong chemical odors but this product is great.

New Product Suggestion: Fine hair with natural curls products
Thank you for safe products

Safe for the chemical sensitive and work great!

New Product Suggestion: Fragrance free hair spray, aerosol

Excellent product

New Product Suggestion: Facial cleaner
Gel Fragrance

I really like the fact that there is no fragrance. It works well to hold my style also.

New Product Suggestion: I would love a curl/styling cream. I know that you already have a gel in the catalogue but something more specifically aimed at curl definition or producing a looser hold without gel's stiffness would be wonderful. So many curl/wave products are heavily scented for some reason.
A much needed option

Finding a genuinely fragrance-free detangler was surprisingly difficult, but this stuff works great! Slippy/moisturizing but not oily-feeling. Helps detangle my curls well while brushing and helps prevent pulling, pain, and damage. I do not use it as a heat protectant or blowout spray so I cannot speak to its efficacy for either of those uses, but I am happy with it as a conditioner and detangler.

New Product Suggestion: Heat protectant
Conditioned my hair well

and made it smoother when I blew it dry. Also made my curls pop a bit more.

New Product Suggestion: Volumizing shampoo
Hair detangler

Recommend this product