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Based on 311 reviews
New Product Suggestion: Fragrance Free moose?
Great shampoo!

No fragrance and lots of suds. Leaves hair soft and pretty.

New Product Suggestion: Shaving Cream! Using Vanicream brand, only one I can find and not happy with it.
Great Shampoo & Conditioner

I have very bad allergies to many things and just found this Shampoo & Conditioner. I am so glad! I was using Vanicream brand but it dried me out terribly. I have Ezcema and allergies to dyes, parabens, fragrances (so annoying how products out there say fragrance free and yup fragrance still added! Seriously!), allergic to coconut and a lot out there has that and shea & cocoa butter allergic. Similar to nuts for me. So glad found this brand!! Thanks for making it! I was scared because of the cucumber but happy to know is naturally added and so far I’m okay with that thankfully. This is very moisturizing! I may try the regular sometime but enjoying the purchase!

New Product Suggestion: Lip balm
Excellent Product

I have numerous allergies and sensitivities and have tried many products on the list given to me by my dermatologist. So many of the “fragrance-free” shampoos caused my hands to crack and dry. Fragfre products never dry out or irritate my skin. They also wash well because I swim frequently and never smell of chlorine after. Highly recommend!

great product

Really like this product. However, I have been wondering why the exact same product for women costs $2.00 more. That is why I purchased the Gel for Men. Very interesting!!!

New Product Suggestion: Mousse, if at all possible, without allergens such as Sodium Benzoate and Benzoic Acid.
Great product

Excellent product, I don't itch.

FRAGFRE Hydrating Body Wash for Sensitive Skin 16oz - Sulfate Free Hypoallergenic Body Cleanser - Mild Cucumber Aroma - Vegan Gluten Free Cruelty Free

New Product Suggestion: Dry shampoo
Perfect product

Works well, and love that it contains none of my allergens (which is proving to be difficult). Would recommend this product.

New Product Suggestion: Haurspray

Love this gel. Holds all day. So happy to have found this gel.

New Product Suggestion: not sure. will have to look again.
great shampoo

love the shampoo! thanks so much. just wish the tube was bigger and had more. will be ordering again.

New Product Suggestion: Mousse
Hydrating Shampoo

We are enjoying the hydrating shampoo, it's very nice, and the mild cucumber scent is just fine & natural, as I am very sensitive to any scent. Works well on my curly hair. Will purchase again.

New Product Suggestion: X
Hair jell for fragrance allergy

Product has been perfect only one I found.

New Product Suggestion: Leave in conditioner

Product seems to be working well, I haven’t had any flair ups due to being allergic to fragrance…I will continue to support this company

New Product Suggestion: Happy with the current selection
Love It!

I am allergic to most shampoos & conditioners, so FragFre is a huge blessing! It naturally smells nice & my hair has never been healthier (it is so soft!)

New Product Suggestion: None
Love it!

I can use only unscented products and was excited to find hair spray without a scent that has a firm hold. This is the only hair spray I use now and I love it! I have fine, thin hair and it works well for me.

New Product Suggestion: None
Great. I have blonde, fine hair it isn’t as tangled up after using your conditioner

Read above

So far I have only tried the shampoo and conditioner. Both perform better than any other fragrance free shampoo and conditioner I have tried.

A customer for life

I could never use hairspray because of my allergies and very fine hair until I bought Fragfre. It leaves my hair with a firm hold, even in light wind and humidity, and it holds my hairstyle until I brush it out. I give it 5 stars and recommend it to all my friends. Finally a product that does what it advertises! Thank you Fragfre.

New Product Suggestion: Unscented shampoo
Love it

We are on our second bottle. Works great on tangled hair and perfect for sensitive skin. Thank you for such a great product.

New Product Suggestion: Shaving cream, bubble bath.
Excellent product

I am allergic to so many things an this product is a gift from god. No issues, smells great and I feel clean.

New Product Suggestion: Scalp serum
Great leave-in

A prefect leave-in conditioner detangler. I can brush my wet hair more easily. Great size for travel. And best of all, no scalp irritation and fragrance free. I bought to try it out, then also bought the full size.

New Product Suggestion: Great products

The product was great

New Product Suggestion: Hair putty
Great Cleanser

This is a gentle one-step hair cleanser for those with dryer scalps and hair. I love the way my hair feels after using it!

New Product Suggestion: Not sure
Best fragrance free hairspray

This is the best fragrance free hairspray I've used. It has a great hold without it feeling stiff. There's no residue and I can brush my hair with no issues. My scalp feels healthier using this product line.